Is Anti-Aging Skincare Aging Your Skin?
In the same way that food choices can cause inflammation in your body, product choices can do the same thing to your skin.  Chemical irritants and toxins that are in many products today, can trigger inflammation, increase skin sensitivity and even accelerate the appearance of visible signs of aging. 

This inflammatory response stresses the skin’s natural repair process, damages its protective barrier and breaks down collagen hastening the appearance of lines and wrinkles and, ironically, undermining the very function of anti-aging skin care- to slow the appearance of aging of the skin.
That is why Luzern is committed to crafting skin care that eliminates the chemicals and toxins that cause damaging irritation and inflammation.  We have identified a list of what we consider to be the most damaging chemicals used in skin care formulation today, which we call the Toxic 12.  We will never use these ingredients (plus others) in our formulations.

In much the same way that a healthy diet leads to a healthier, more beautiful body, a daily regimen of Luzern products leads to a healthier, more beautiful complexion.
Luzern Clean Skin Care
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